If we were to describe: Native Cuisine, we could say that it is the embodiment of the customs, folklore and character of the inhabitants of a country or region. It could also be called: Historical Cuisine, for it is taught from mother to daughter for generations. In Colombia, and specifically in Cartagena, native cuisine is the result of three important influences: Spain, Africa and the local Indians. From Spain we received wheat, rice, banana, pigs, chicken and cows, and in America we found pineapple, corn, tomato, cocoa and potatoes. These products, together with the use of "local oils" like coconut milk, resulted in a variety of dishes like, "Coconut Rice" a kind of soup with many vegetables and tubers mixed together, including pork meat and ribs. Arab Cuisine occupies a very special place in the development of native cuisine. Its influence can be traced to the beginning of the last century, with the arrival of the first Arab immigrants to this country. Not used to eating the local food, they brought with them, from their motherland, many different types of vegetables and planted them in this region. These vegetables soon became an important ingredient from the native cuisine. To mention a few, there is: "Quibbe", a dish made from wheat and meat, which can be served either cooked, or in its natural style, with olive oil on top, or "Rice with Almonds", or if you prefer, "Cooked Rolls in Grape Wine Leaves". Be it typical Native Cuisine, or after more than 100 years as part of the local Cartagenian flavor, the ever popular Arab Cuisine, and, of course, the best of the International Dishes, The Restaurant: "La Olla Cartagenera" offers a large variety, in fine cuisines to enhance your dinning pleasure.

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